Friday, February 27, 2015

2015 brings organization but not much progress

Not a whole heck of a lot has been going on with regard to the cars or parts other than my purchase of two cabinets.

I decided to buy a couple of industrial parts cabinets in order to better organize and consolidate the many small things that seem to migrate around the garage and the house.  The cabinets are in good used condition and I got a hell of a deal on them.  Once it warms up enough to use the power washer, I'll pull the drawer rails and clean the bearings and re-grease them.  I ordered new handle end caps, paper labels and plastic covers.  When the organization is complete-I'll label the drawers for quick identification.

I spent about a day pulling everything down, going through it and determining if I was going to keep/use it in the future.  I bought bins and am now in the process of organizing parts into some sort of logical system that will allow me to view/inventory what I've got for the car restoration.

In addition to parts for the car, 1/2 of one cabinet is now my toolbox.  I was running into space issues with the Craftsman I bought a few months ago.  I wanted to replace it with something that I couldn't outgrow when new tools are added to the box.

The process of transferring parts from multiple locations into this one centralized place has been, dare I say, enjoyable.  I've emptied five small plastic drawer bins (like the one on the floor in the bottom right of the photo above), all 25 of the cardboard bins and most of a 2 door cabinet, a Craftsman toolbox and a couple of large Akro Bins of parts into these two cabinets.  I've still got three empty drawers.  

A small selection of NOS parts will remain indoors but the rest of it will consolidate into these two cabinets and one 2 door cabinet.

As a result of all of this consolidation and organization, I'll be able to put up more classified ads to sell off parts I know I'll never use.  Most of the progress has been made after things calm down at night and I've got an hour or two to get something done.  It's been bitter cold so an hour or two is about all I can stay in the garage without heat.

It'll be nice to have most everything in one place.

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