Saturday, October 31, 2015

Nap time progress

While my son was taking a nap, I ventured out into the garage and got a few things done.

I had only planned on pulling the pedal cluster to check the length of the brake pedal plunger rod.  Of course, that turned into much more.

I loosened the clutch cable to find that the bow in the tube was near the max (42mm vs. max of 44/45mm).  The seal for the accelerator cable housing was filthy (shown) so I pulled that and cleaned it.  Then I pulled the bowden tube and replaced it with a new GEMO part and a gasket for the pan.  I was experiencing a weird 'click' type when pushing on the clutch cable that I was hoping to address.  After looking around a bit, I think it was partially due to the bowden tube not being fitted properly - it was resting against the pan tube vs. being fit around it properly.  I'm hoping that is the reason for the noise.

So the clutch cable bowden tube and seal were replaced, I removed and cleaned the accelerator cable tube, pulled the pedal cluster and adjusted the master cylinder plunger...although he woke up before I was able to put the pedal cluster parts back into the car...that'll have to wait for tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One more for the shelves

Fuel pump arrived today and it's the very definition of NOS.  The fuel pump is still sealed in its original plastic bag and, just like the seller indicated - the cap is mint.  It's a BCD, not a Pierburg, but several of the parts appear to interchange between the two manufacturers.

The second heat system elbow arrived as well - so I'll be collecting those parts for powder coating and dropping them off shortly.

I'm going to collect a set of the early wheel covers and drop them off for dent repair and re-chrome.  If that set comes back in good shape, I'll send the other two sets for the same work.

My goal is that I can get some of the 'behind the scenes' work done while it's too cold to work in the garage and still accomplish something.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The slippery slope

Scored a rear hatch hinge cover this dents or creases.  It came in a small lot of parts - heater controls, pinch welt for the windows and doors, and a second cut out patch of the brake reservoir for an experiment where I will investigate whether I can weld the 'bump out' part to my existing panel divider to install the 67 only brake fluid reservoir.

Other purchases:
*New seals for the back end of Nigel - engine hatch seal and both seals for the hatch.

*Two of the later heat system elbows for the engine for Ferris - they'll be sent off for powder coating once the second piece arrives and I'll have two complete pair.  That'll give me a good pile of parts for grey powder along with the front kick panels.

*NOS early bolt on fan shroud and cover, the little plugs that go in the control arms (I am rather efficient at losing them), NOS steering arms, OE bolts for the shocks, 2 pair of the small early style engine tins, NOS pittman arm, NOS Master Cylinder port hose fitting (6mm), NOS bumper bolts.

*NOS rear seat bracket support -  a part I'd searched to find for two years before I conceded defeat and had an existing set 'fixed' (they look like shit).  I'm going to take one to a stamping shop that I work with and see if they can give me a price to fabricate them...maybe see if they can do the kick panel if I can find a decent one.

*NOS 12 volt chokes, a NOS air cleaner sleeve, choke element covers (the little plastic things that cover the electrical connections for the chokes) - found them in two colors.

*NOS BCD early style fuel pump.  I negotiated with the seller to yield a slightly better final price.  It'll be the second one in my collection - this one looks to be damn near perfect.  I think this puts me at 6 or 7 of the early style fuel pumps.  I can probably stop now.
*NOS muffler installation kits.

*Warm white BA9 LEDs for the dash illumination bulbs.  I think I screwed up last time I ordered and bought the 'cool white' bulbs which don't look that great in an old car.

*Miscellaneous air filter support pieces and parts for the fuel system/hose clamps - they seem to be kind of tough to find so I bought the couple that I found.

I must have been going through 'buyers withdrawal' because I kind of went nuts...but I'm also putting together two rather large groups of parts that'll be going off in a box in the next week.