Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New parts for the cabinet

Adding a NOS DV profile ignition switch and a box of trim clips to the collection.  I think I'm up to 5 ignition switches now.

The clips are a cool accessory since they came in the original, over engineered, box.  I'll put the rest of the clips in this box when I get around to organizing and taking inventory.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Found this little guy listed incorrectly on eBay.  It's the correct NOS front hood emblem for the car.  Still in a bag with a dealer sticker on it and it was cheaper than the reproduction part that's commonly available.

There are a few other miscellaneous parts en-route and the brakes should arrive soon.  I'm planning on getting my hands dirty shortly after the brakes arrive - it'll help me get motivated to organize and clean up what I've got.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Well, well, well...

A small project to work on while I wait for the 'real' house...

The car won't go fast but it'll stop fast.  I'm swapping out the master cylinder to the Porsche/all disc master too...because, well, I'm a fucking masochist.  Bleeding the brakes should get easier but that doesn't mean that it actually will be easier.

I decided to go for these for a few reasons:  The stock NOS rear drum parts are getting to be a hassle to find, drum brakes are a hassle to adjust and I've got a leak that needs to be addressed in the right rear addition to the fact that I can offload a bunch of rear brake parts that I don't need once I convert.  I'm going to keep enough to put rear drums back on the car someday and sell the rest of it.  I probably won't ever convert it back though because disc brakes are fucking awesome.

I also picked this up from Mario as a back up to the push button assembly - when/if it craps out, I'll swap this in if I can't find another push button assembly.  It's 6 volt but I can swap out the switches for 12 volt versions fairly easily.

At some point in the near future, I'd like to take a full inventory of my parts and log them in a tracking system with locations - it'll help me get organized, assign part numbers to things and figure out what I still need (if anything) to get done.  It will also help when I send things out for work - I'll know exactly what went out and what came back.  Anal?  Perhaps.

Next update should be the brake swap...might be a while.