Thursday, January 5, 2017

Well, well, well...

A small project to work on while I wait for the 'real' house...

The car won't go fast but it'll stop fast.  I'm swapping out the master cylinder to the Porsche/all disc master too...because, well, I'm a fucking masochist.  Bleeding the brakes should get easier but that doesn't mean that it actually will be easier.

I decided to go for these for a few reasons:  The stock NOS rear drum parts are getting to be a hassle to find, drum brakes are a hassle to adjust and I've got a leak that needs to be addressed in the right rear addition to the fact that I can offload a bunch of rear brake parts that I don't need once I convert.  I'm going to keep enough to put rear drums back on the car someday and sell the rest of it.  I probably won't ever convert it back though because disc brakes are fucking awesome.

I also picked this up from Mario as a back up to the push button assembly - when/if it craps out, I'll swap this in if I can't find another push button assembly.  It's 6 volt but I can swap out the switches for 12 volt versions fairly easily.

At some point in the near future, I'd like to take a full inventory of my parts and log them in a tracking system with locations - it'll help me get organized, assign part numbers to things and figure out what I still need (if anything) to get done.  It will also help when I send things out for work - I'll know exactly what went out and what came back.  Anal?  Perhaps.

Next update should be the brake swap...might be a while.

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