Monday, February 29, 2016

Flippin' rocks and finding stuff

Found a used but functional Koln column on eBay Germany.  It didn't sell at the listed price.  I contacted the seller and he sent more photos, including 2 videos that show the ignition functioning.

My plan is to take it apart, sand it, paint it and put it back together.  I will likely install it in Nigel to run it until the restoration is underway, keeping the NOS Koln column as a spare.
 Bakelite looks really good - no melted parts, no cracks/damage - let's hope it arrives in the same condition.

Only missing the clip to hold the turn signal arm to the housing.  I should have a spare in my cabinet.
True to form old school lock tumbler, only one key.

It's worn in all of the right places.

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