Sunday, June 29, 2014

“Sometimes it's worth lingering on the journey for a while before getting to the destination.”

 I started the work on the car by removing the skid plate on the left and planned to replace it with the one on the right.  I didn't get far enough to put it all back together but I've at least got the right part.  I'll be selling the short one since I don't need it.  Both of my cars will have front disc brakes which will necessitate the longer cover plate.
Take note of the interesting manner in which the single reservoir is feeding the dual circuit master cylinder.

That's some more MacGyver shit right there.  Time to get cracking on a better, more permanent, solution to this situation.

All of the tie rods are shot as is the steering dampner.  I'm going to wind up changing all four tie rod ends and the steering box as well, because, well...why leave only one thing left?  I'm sure it's at the end of its rope too...might as well cover all bases.
 Pulled off the front left wheel and wrestled the cable out of the spindle to find this mangled bit stuffed into the spindle.  There wasn't anything hanging out of the outer edge so I'm doubtful this thing has functioned in quite a while.

I also pulled the 2/64 red needle speedometer and installed the later speedometer with trip function.  It's nowhere near period correct but I like them better.  I didn't get around to installing the tachometer yet.  At least the two gauges that are installed have the same color needle now.  The tach is also white needle so it'll all look nice once I run the wire and get the tach functioning.
Replaced the speedometer cable with a new one and also replaced the crunchy grommet.

Discovered one of the reasons why the speedometer wasn't hooked up (or may have been incorrectly hooked up) the grease cap on the driver's side was once a passenger's side cap that someone took the time to attempt a square hole cut to make the end fit.  But it doesn't fit because the cut out isn't a square.  I briefly thought about filing it down but then realized that I don't have a file that small and that I have to order other parts anyway so why not get the right one?  So that's what I two weeks, some progress will be made.  I'll have a functioning speedometer again.

After nearly an hour of draining, I was able to remove the fuel tank, and set it aside.  I'd only given myself two hours to work on the car today and by the time the tank drained, I'd lost precious time.  The fuel sock filter, even with my tearing the top part open with a screwdriver, was very clogged with all sorts of shit and slowed the draining process to a trickle.  Now that I'll be addressing front suspension issues, the replacement of the tank is going to take longer than I'd planned.  I'm going to use the tie rods and ends that I bought for Ferris since this is a running/driving car and Ferris is still in pieces.  I will have a nice new group of parts for the sandblaster dude that can be refinished and used on Ferris.  The ball joints have fittings for zerks so I'm planning to buy a set and install them, then grease the everlovingshit out of them.  I've got my work cut out for me on the front beam...but it's all necessary work to make the car function the way it should.

I placed my order tonight for 2 new speedometer cables, a bag of 10 e-clips for the speedometer cable ends (I lose them about as fast as I buy them it seems), a few random suspension pieces/bolts and a few other fuel tank related parts.  Next weekend is 4th of July and I won't have time to work on the car so the following weekend will be when it gets done.

Looks like I'll have this car nice and clean and road worthy right around the time I have to put it in least it'll be ready to go for next year without much work.

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