Sunday, July 27, 2014

A little more progress

 Prepared the cleaned and powder coated fuel tank tonight.  Fuel sender is mounted, new fuel sock and gasket attached to the bottom.
Nice and clean on both sides!

Next up will be installing the cotter pins in the tie rods, settling the lock plates and then installing this fuel tank.

Then I'll tackle the rear end-replacing the axle boots and muffler with a NOS unit and get the glass pack / header off the car to be sold.  One piece at a time...getting there.

I also greased the front end.  I wound up using a whole cylinder of grease but I know it's greased thoroughly and should last a while.

I pulled the front horn grill cover to check the respray color against the original Ruby Red and found that they're not even close!

The center 'nose' piece is noticeably a different red than the Ruby Red of the rest of the piece.  Pieces like this will ensure that when the car is painted that it'll be closer to the original color.

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