Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Like two ships passing in the night

It dawned on me last night during an email exchange that Nigel and Ferris have yet to be in the same place at the same time...Nigel is in the garage and there are pieces of Ferris here but the two cars have not been assembled and adjacent.  It's a lot like trying to get Dave Grohl and Courtney Love together for a photoshoot.

Once I rectify the issues with the pan for Ferris, I'll be looking to start bolting things together.  I'm itching to start putting that pan together.

One more shipment arrived today - again most parts for fellow Type 3 people.

 311 405 615B
A set of NOS front drums for the 64/65 model year.
 A set of NOS drum hub caps.

 311 405 341
Deka 10k bolts for the front drum brake spindles (short version).
 311 405 343
Deka 10k bolts for the front drum brake spindles (long version).
 311 255 149 A
Protection plate for heater box
A mystery hinge that's supposed to fit a Type 3.  The part number indicates that it's for the lower right but this picture of my spare door says that's not quite right.

I posted up a thread on and so far the answer is that the new hinge is a conversion hinge for the later doors.  It makes sense but doesn't really solve my issue.  So I'll keep looking.

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