Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rust bullet failure

The weather warmed up today and I was hoping to scuff up the surface on the first coat of Rust Bullet that I put on the spindles and steering arms a while back.  Once they were scuffed up, I planned to add a second coat today and then apply the final coat of Black Shell tomorrow since the weather is supposed to remain warmer than normal.

The whole plan fell apart when the Rust Bullet started coming off in flakes while lightly sanding the caliper brackets...and then it happened on the steering arms and on most of the flat surfaces of the spindles.  I either didn't properly mix the coating or it was applied too thick (due to the cold probably).  In any case, I wound up removing it all from the steering arms and one of the spindles before deciding that I wasn't making progress.  So I've opted for a 'Plan B'.

Plan B is to drop the stuff off for media blasting and powder coating along with a few other items and pick it all up and then assemble as time allows.  There's no real deadline, per se, and I would like to get it all done so that I can get the brakes bled and back to functional.

I found a shop in Chicago that I'd like to try out.  I'll start with the brake parts and some other miscellaneous pieces.  I don't know when I can make it happen but at least I know where I'm going to start.

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