Saturday, August 8, 2015

A tuned up part returns home

I sent one of my distributors out to Tim Barany for a cleaning and tune up.  We touched base when I was at OCTO in June.  A couple of weeks after  I sent it out to him, it came back in super clean condition.

I was able to score a couple of spare parts at the same time.  I also had Tim install one of the NOS vac cans to spiff it up a bit.

The used vac can went into the classifieds on

In addition to the return of the distributor, I also received a 1967 only brake fluid reservoir and the lines.  My plan is to use the existing lines as a template to bend up new lines.  I think I'll wind up making a bracket for the brake fluid reservoir until I get to a point where I can cut and weld on the existing partition with my spare piece.  I'd like to get this car out on the road a few times this year and I'm running out of days on the calendar.

I've still got the front beam build up to get done as well...too many things on my list to do and not enough time to do them.

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