Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Taking things as they come

Spent a few hours in the garage today in the oddly warm weather - it was 62°F today - double what it should have been for this time of year.

I took the rear drums off and fixed the spring clip issue.  That's knocked off the list of things to check out.

I pulled the pedal assembly apart, cleaned the pan on the car and pulled out the blue Bentley to check on the brake plunger rod length.  It's listed at 149.5 +/- .5mm so I adjusted the rod to that length and installed the pedal cluster.  The rod is too long - there's no 'resting' of the pedal even after I adjusted the pedals to be as loose as possible via the floor mounted stop. The pedal cluster will have to come back out and I'll swap it out for a rod that's 5mm shorter and hopefully that'll solve the problem.  I'm wondering if the book accounts only for the ATE master cylinder in one variation or if I'm missing something else in my adjustment.

I didn't tackle the turn signal cancellation issue yet.

I have to assemble the pneumatic brake bleeder before I can bleed the brakes - hoping I can get to it next week.

Then some wiring issues to tackle and I should be in good theory.

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