Monday, January 25, 2016

the blood we crave shall drive us all insane

Both mufflers are sold - I decided that I neither need them nor have the space for them right now.  I'm in 'house cleaning' mode and I don't want to lose momentum, so off they go...someday I may wind up regretting it because they are super nice and still have stickers but I'll deal with that when the day comes.  The third oddball muffler will either be used temporarily or I'll put it up on the wall in the garage as a souvenir.

For now, I'm focusing on finishing collecting the last few pieces for Nigel's eventual restoration and the beginning of getting Ferris back on tires again.  There a few minor pieces streaming in slowly but nothing *big* or *exciting* to anyone other than me.

The other disc brake kit is finally gone - sold to someone who knows what he's getting himself into.  I've moved on, albeit with lighter pockets and the weight of experience.  I'm already planning the brake set up for Ferris - CSP disc - and contemplating moving the rear drums from Nigel to Ferris.  Nigel would then receive rear discs from CSP.  I just like parts that fit and are designed to fit together properly from the start.

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