Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Focused on steering

Passively looking for steering box parts, I stumbled upon a NOS housing and two worm rollers for less than $200 shipped...so I bought them - I'm on a bender to get two near NOS or completely NOS steering boxes built - the rebuilt units available are garbage and the TRW boxes are even worse.  These are going to be shipped West with some other parts in the near future to be built up.  I'm going to have two boxes built - one will go on the car and the other will be kept as a spare.  I can ship out the three or four steering boxes I've got here to be used for parts, eliminating one more box of parts that have been sitting around collecting dust.
This box of steering box plugs is packed with a small group of other parts (shims included) and enroute.  I can then eliminate this as one of the variables in the handling of the car.  Solid, NOS steering boxes should resolve my front end issues until the front beam is built.

Speaking of the front beam, I found this set of upper and lower bakelite bushings for about $60 shipped...I'm short of the lower right control arm in NOS condition and the upper bearings - then I'll have an all NOS front beam, all the way out to the spindles.

I have NOS tie rod ends (late 80's manufacture), tie rods, and ball joints.  Seems like the front beam is about done with parts sourcing.

I can soon go back to obsessing about the little parts inside the car soon.

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