Saturday, November 24, 2018

I'm trying my hardest to not act how I feel

I received the carpet kit from Germany today - the rear seat kick panel was the first piece I fit and, while not perfect, it's decent.
I was warned about this front piece not being the correct shape - not ideal but not the end of the world, really.
I centered the heater vent on the body and then followed the piece back to see how it'd navigate the seat track and end at the rear seat kick panel.

The heat vent grommet bit fits great from that point forward.
 Moving toward the rear of the car - the carpet starts to show some issues.  There's an awkward joining of pieces where the front of the seat track is on the rocker - it's cut too 'early' so there's a gap between where the cut is on the carpet and the 'beginning' of the seat track...
...which also means that it's off centered with the seat track and fouls the 'end' of the seat track.

There's not a whole lot I can do to shift the location of this cut to the rear without recreating the entire piece.
The toughest part is that the length is too short overall.  This is consistent on both sides of the car, unfortunately, and cannot be fixed without being replaced.

The center piece is almost long enough...too bad it's not a hand grenade.
This inner seat track cut is done nicely and it seems to fit properly.
Another angle of the seat track cut where it meets the second half of carpet.  The two pieces of carpet have a very small overlap and I suspect that they will not stay where they belong over time.
The tunnel carpet at the front, however, is way too large and pops up by a good 1-2" over the tunnel.  I originally thought that the yet to be installed insulation would take up some of that - but then realized that it's not going to take up enough of it to bring this back down to a normal level.

This could, should I choose, be corrected by removing material from the outer edges of this piece.  It won't fix the other issues that crop up in this carpet kit though.

I knew that there were a couple of issues with the carpet kit but they seemed to be rather minor in scale.  If the kit were too 'big', I could have that fixed - but I can't do anything about carpet that's cut too short and off - center.

I think I should have kept the money in my pocket and had carpet fitted to the car once it was done.  Yet another place where I tried to be proactive and get a limited run of a part that simply doesn't fit and will require a lot of work (and more money) to get it right.

Spending money on this car continues to prove to be a bad idea...


  1. That is disappointing. Im getting mine made to suit my car to avoid this. The Type 3 crowd are being shafted as usual.

    1. It is. I will follow suit with having carpet made for my car once it's done - and that's years off given the new pace of things on this car - so I won't have to worry about it for quite some time! Silver linings, right?