Monday, September 2, 2019

Fourteen months of stasis

It's been 14 months since this car was pulled off of its wheels and put on this cart.  The only thing that's changed in that time is that I now have all of the major components required to put it back together.

Two days ago, I went out to the garage to see if I could get something done on the car in three hours.  I set a low bar as far as expectations go - and somehow managed to trip over it on the way back into the house a few hours later.  I pulled everything out - organized it by how/when it'll be installed on the car and put it all back into the cabinet.

I pulled the non - VW shit out of the inside of the car, removed the two center braces on the cart so that I could get under the car and laid on the floor to have a look.  The work that is needed to get this thing to go back together crept back into my reality.  I'm going to temporarily bolt the pan to the body, get the suspension back on the car - fit the engine and transmission (that I have YET to send out to be fixed) and figure out the oil cooler lines, add some brackets, sort out the parking brake lines and brake hoses.  Then, take it all apart once I've figured out where it's all going to go so I can repaint the suspension bits again before putting it all back together.  I'll be happy when I get this thing on tires - because I know I have a set group of tasks to execute to keep this tire fire of a project moving forward.

I am not at all looking forward to this next step because I know have to take this shit all apart again to fix something that wasn't done right the first time.  I fucking hate relying on other people to even accomplish what I'd consider mediocre.  I'm a magnet for mediocre.

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