Sunday, June 21, 2020

"Extraordinary people survive under the most terrible circumstances and they become more extraordinary because of it."

I guess I should start with the good part - I started my new job and it's a great fit for me.  It has all of the things I like and a few new challenges to encourage me to grow professionally - so all around, it's a great thing.

The tile contractor that was supposed to start on Monday - didn't.  They called on Sunday to say that they were declining the job because they didn't have a signed contract and took another job the previous day.  I had the contract in hand with a deposit to hand over on Monday.  But hey, fuck them - this is a good thing.  I fixed the drain situation and have looked into getting a prefab drain panel so things will change again real soon.

I've got two quotes - the first one is attractive, the second dude gave me the "I don't want the job" price and I will get another quote Wednesday.  Then we will make a decision and get this shit going (I hope).  I'm so fucking tired of this bathroom and all of the nonsense that comes with it.  I hate the house we bought but I'm going to channel that into making progress somewhere - even if it's not on the house.  Which is how I made progress on the car today.

I pulled the exhaust, the engine and the transmission.  As soon as I find a box for the transmission, I'll get that moving as well.  I mean, I did tell the trans shop that I'd be sending it back - oh, what...a year ago?  If I get this box thing figured out - I'll have to reach out and let them know it's coming for real this time.

Or it'll sit on the floor of the garage for another year while I get distracted by other shit.

I've ground the edge down on the spring plates and have to get those sent out for plating work.

While I'm waiting on all of that stuff - I might get back into the wiring stuff that needs to be done.  I've also got to figure out how to open up the holes for the body to pan issue.  I also need to work out how I'm going to mount the seat belt brackets on the floor.  Still lots to do.

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