Friday, June 12, 2020

“Strategy equals execution”

I have the strategy but seriously lack the execution.

I had this week off between jobs - the plan, the strategy was to spend at least two of the five days off pulling the engine, the transmission and then package the transmission for shipping to get the case replaced.  Grinding down the edge on the spring plates and getting them replated. The other thing I wanted to accomplish was to mark and drill the holes for the seat belts and figure out the hole issues between pan and body. 

I accomplished absolutely none of it.

I did, however, find and buy a pair of these gigantic fucking jack stands to hold up the body when I get to the point of pulling the pan to fix the mounting holes, the rear brake T and the seat belt brackets.

I made plans.  I made no progress.

This is why I've made no progress.  The bathroom in the house I bought a year ago - this bathroom has been under some form of construction for nearly a year.  This bathroom has been a royal pain in my ass for a wide variety of reasons.  It was 'remodeled' when we bought the house and after we discovered a plumbing issue, we cut a hole in the ceiling of the room below to access the P trap of the shower - discovering there was no vent pipe for the shower or toilet.  Then we discovered that the floor joists were compromised with giant holes for the toilet that didn't work correctly. In the end, that bathroom and the 1/2 bath downstairs AND the ceiling of the living room  was torn out, an architect and structural engineer were hired, things were fixed and we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Time was a commodity that I could spend with some flexibility.

Then, right before we reached the finish line, the contractor shit the bed, and things started going wrong. Very quickly, things went wrong.  Other contractors came in and reported that they couldn't do their part because of issues with the new bathroom.  As a result of a few small 'red flags' and a sense that those red flags were hiding more sinister shit because the contractor started making excuses for his work - I spent most of my 'free' week removing most of his work, fixing plumbing and framing shortcuts that affected the final outcome of the project.  I'm livid that I had to remove work that was supposed to be finished but I'm glad I did because I found a lot of janky shit that had to be fixed.  I will never trust another contractor doing work at my house as a result of this fuckery.

After a lot of research, agonizing, questioning and waiting - a new tile contractor is scheduled to start on Monday, and after several conversations, I'm cautiously optimistic they'll get it right.  Monday is also the day I start a new job - a job that is going to require a lot more of my mental attention and physical presence.  Odds are, I won't have a lot of time to work on the car with all of the other things coming together in this 'perfect storm'.  I'm going to attempt to spend a couple of hours per week getting things knocked off this list of shit to do so I can drive the car again but I can't hold my breath hoping that it'll happen.

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  1. Always an amusing read no matter if you intended on that...