Thursday, July 30, 2020

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."

The latest version of the filter bracket arrived today - and after a very minor modification, it's a good fit.
There's a good balance of space between the exhaust pipe and the thermostat end.  The exhaust pipe will be wrapped to reduce thermal influence with the thermostat.  I'll have to test it out for a while to know if it's successful but I think this is a good place to start.

If I have to modify this - the filter will have to go 'up' to increase the space between the pipe and the thermostat - which means a new bracket design - so I'm hoping that's not necessary!
 I'm using a super thin button head screw but it's rubbing on the engine tin - I figure I'll drill two holes in the engine tin, use a spacer of some sort between the bracket and the tin and mount the filter housing through the tin.  This will prevent the tin from rattling and rubbing against the bracket and it'll make it easier to remove the oil filter bracket if I need to do that.
There's a good amount of space between the exhaust and the filter -and the filter hangs in a good place relative to the bottom of the engine, valve cover and tire on the car.  It's a good first pass and I'm hopeful that it'll work long-term.

I've had discussion of maybe tearing the car apart to get it painted but I'm still on the fence about that right now.  It'd solve the problem of 'what do to with the car' while the garage expansion is going on...but it's an expensive solution.  Time will tell.
The transmission is underway - new rhino case - should be on its way back next week or so.  I like having a very knowledgeable dude working on my stuff - it's going to be nice to see it when it comes back!

In any event - it's nice to finally have a 'win' with this car - it's long overdue.

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