Sunday, September 27, 2020

"It is through humility that hope enters in"

One picture per post going forward - I'll try to make them good.

Today - I got the seal adhered to the pan and then got all of that stuck to the body.  The left front curve of the body/pan somehow shifted the seal partially out of place during the installation - the rest of it went in as expected.

I've tried to stay focused on getting this 4 wheeled boat (as in it's just costing me money) put back together and mobile so I'm not going to fuck with trying to get the seal perfect.

I'll focus on dry fitting things in the back - ordering what needs to be bought and send out things for work - then swap over to getting the front end dialed in since I have all of those parts and it's a matter of putting it back together while I wait for the other shit to happen.

Once I finished the subframe and transmission install - I spent a few minutes staring at it all - trying to figure out if I could fast track the engine installation and fire it up but there's no clear path to getting that done without screwing up a bunch of other things and I've cut enough corners already.  I'll stay the course and see what I can get done.

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