Thursday, June 24, 2021

“Doesn’t everyone have at least two opposing natures warring inside them?”

 Another month goes by with zero work completed on the car.  Simple shit seems to take months to get resolved because other pieces of 'life' get in the way of working on the car.  There's always other stuff to get done and the car just sits.  I used to wonder how people could own a project car for years and get nothing done on it - it's SO fucking simple...but now that it's happened to me - I get it.

I had to order a new CHT wire because the original one was too short - something that I should have caught before it was too late.  I pulled the other wires out - now I need to fish them all back into the car to get a step closer to being ready.  

Asked around about using through bolts and installing nuts on the back of the spring plate/torsion bar area - seems like it's a better solution than using a time-sert so that's the route I'm going to take for now.

All I lack now is time.  I have plenty of parts to keep me busy.

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