Saturday, June 26, 2021

“He had to pause for his usual misgivings.”

 Today was semi-productive.  I ran the wires for the oil pressure, oil temperature, a spare wire and the CHT.  What should have taken an hour - wound up taking me 4 hours because I got interrupted by phone calls from work.  A lot of calls.  27 calls in total.  Once I realized that I wasn't going to get a whole lot done, I aimed real low and just finished the wiring.  The center heat tube is a great conduit for wiring to the dash.

I ordered new trim rubber for the electric fuel pump mount and a new brass nipple for the fuel pump so that I won't have to use an adapter.  I ordered new Swayaway axles...some things to look forward to, I suppose.

The engine should be back in about two weeks - that should give me enough time to get the other trailing arm installed and checked out.  I think I can get a nut on the back of the bolts and that'll do it.  I'd like to get the rear of the car sorted soon.  It's not hard - just time-consuming. 

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