Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Making plans for Nigel

 I managed to dig out all of the pieces for the pedal assembly.  It's made up of parts from three vendors and I, for some reason, decided to store them in three different places.

The main assembly was rebuilt by Scott Stuart at Pedal Werks and he added a heim link clutch cable fitting from CMA during the rebuild.

In addition to the heim link clutch cable fitting, it's also got a zerk so that I can lubricate the clutch shaft and reduce wear.  With some minor maintenance, I shouldn't ever have to replace parts on this thing.

That was the goal.  Spend the money now to eliminate frustration later.
 Fully boxed clutch pedal to reduce flex-bolted to the shaft vs. the locating pin that's stock.  Firmer pedal feel by reducing the flex.

I really like to keep things stock to maintain the integrity of the car but this is one area where I don't mind going off the beaten path a little bit to ensure that I eliminate future issues.
The third piece is a Z bar conversion kit from Unique Parts that not only allowed me to eliminate the Z bar system but also augment the strength of the whole system.  The top piece is the accelerator lever that comes with the Z bar conversion kit.  It's at least twice as thick and has a full support welded to it.  The locating pin has been lengthened and will be secured with a C clip on the end.  The stock pin just sits in place.

I'm looking forward to pulling the Z bar system out and replacing it with this one...which will function SO MUCH better.

I didn't nickname the car Nigel...the post title just sounds 'catchy' and I can dig some old XTC.

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