Thursday, November 13, 2014

"The fight isn't over until you win"

Jim came by tonight and, finally, the car is running-carburetors are synchronized, idle is stable, backfiring is gone and it's ready to roll...not a moment too soon as it's supposed to snow on Saturday night.  I'm hoping to get the brakes another quick bleed and take the car for a spin on Saturday and have it back in the garage in advance of the snow in the evening.  Then I can remove the front brakes and plan the installation of the Airkewld kit over the Winter and, hopefully, the small section that will allow for the proper mounting of the dual reservoir.  I plan to practice my tubing bending skills in an effort to eliminate the adapter and run 8mm line from the reservoir to the master cylinder.  I don't like extra connections, janky fittings and things that are made more complex by not doing them the right way.

Victory is very, very close and I'm hoping that I can achieve the second of my three 4th quarter 2014 goals.  The first one has been achieved, the second is 'in the bag' in 5 weeks and this, the third goal, is so close I can smell it.

In other, slightly related, news:  I swapped a T5 fixture for an LED fixture that I got an irresistible deal on.

This is a photo of the T5 fixture from about six feet away.  The light is adequate but slow to illuminate in cold weather, which is about half of the calendar year.  Total energy use is 58 watts for the fixture.  I thought about installing can lights and then using LED bulbs but figured there had to be a less involved method to get better light.
This photo shows the LED fixture installed without the final wiring being completed.  The internal reflector and light cover are not installed here.  I decided to turn the fixture 90 degrees for better light spread and prevent an opportunity to hit it with the cabinet doors.  I have to come back and extend the conduit in the attic by about 12" so that I can finish the installation this weekend.  I think the output will be slightly brighter once the internal reflector and the light cover are installed.  Total energy for this fixture is 50 watts, so there's not much savings in this particular fixture since the T5 is not High Output like the main garage.

I would like to replace the T5 HO fixtures in the main garage but will likely wait for LED prices to come down slightly before doing the conversion.  In the main garage, each bulb uses 54 watts, or a total of 108 watts per fixture x 4 fixtures = 432 watts.  If I use this same fixture and replace the T5HO fixtures, I'll save 58 watts per fixture x 4 fixtures equaling 232 watts.  In addition to this-I'd like to install motion sensors to turn the lights off in the event I forget to do it, which I'll admit, has happened a few times.

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