Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sometimes the stories are better than the discoveries

I went on a bit of a parts discovery in the East Coast earlier this week.  I had four destinations on my mental itinerary when I arrived.  The first destination turned out to be a very nice place to stop.  My wife and I spent over two hours with the owner of a little VW shop, trading stories and learning about the local interests.  I found a few nice parts during the stop and later shipped them back home.  The journey was definitely the best part of the experience...I would have been just as happy to have departed with the stories and the interactions and no parts in hand.  They were the bonus to the experience.

The second stop was somewhat of a local legend but it turns out that the owner had passed away two years ago (information traveled too slowly to me apparently) and most of his stuff was sold at auction last year - right around the time I'd originally planned to make this trip.  Terrible timing on my part.  So that destination quickly evaporated - which was VERY unfortunate because I also heard that he had a LOT of Type 3 parts.

The third stop was physically present but the owner was not.  I couldn't get in touch with him so I had to forgo that destination as well.  Frustrating.

The fourth stop didn't happen for various reasons.

A lot of these spots where people have parts stashed away are evaporating and the owners of the remaining parts are more and more unwilling to entertain buyers.  I get it.  It's intrusive, people can be really unpleasant and some transactions just aren't all that worthwhile.  I don't know that I'd entertain someone wanting to dig around in what I've got after I'd spent years amassing my collection.

So, what did I actually buy?

Not pictured:  VGC ivory hood release cable/knob, NOS tail pipe mounting kit, NOS right side heater box (it's in a box on its way home right now) and the stuff shown below.

NOS ATE dual circuit Master Cylinder.
 NOS glow plug for the gas heater.  Not many people need these but not many of these exist.  Very hard to find.
 NOS seat cams.  I now have enough to rebuild two complete seats with NOS cams.  I'm still searching for two more to get a second complete set.
NOS 12v choke.  Last year while tuning the engine for Nigel, the left side choke got stupidly hot and subsequently removed.  I bought this one to replace it.

I've also scored a left side NOS pop out window frame and some other small parts for Nigel.

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