Sunday, May 31, 2015

...and who gets the job pushing the knobs?

I located another reputable powder coating operation in the semi-local area.  I established contact and have dropped off the front brake parts for Nigel and the camber compensator parts for Ferris as a first go.  If these parts come back in good condition, I'll send more work his way until I'm able to have a garage full of correctly powder coated, ready to install parts.  I'm now on the hunt to find a paint shop that can correct the fubar'd paint job on the pan for Ferris.  I'd like to get that pan painted and start putting it back together soon.  There are a lot of parts just waiting for assembly and I'm itching to put something together.

I received the parts book that I found on eBay - it's in very nice condition.  It appears to be a first print.  It's not as robust as the others and there are no supplements past #3.  I have yet to find any gaps in the page count.  The cover will be cleaned soon but it's in very nice condition overall.

(UPDATE: Photo of the book now that it's clean)

The rear reflectors/housings from Italy arrived and they're in great shape, although they don't match.  One is SWF manufactured and the other is a Hella.  I wonder what the odds are of finding another SWF to complete the pair...

I'm hoping to get the first round of powder coated parts back before the trip to California...and I'm real hopeful that they're done correctly so that I can get the brakes back on Nigel right when we return from California.

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