Monday, May 25, 2015

bits and pieces

 I was put in touch with a seller in North Carolina via a contact in Germany about a right side NOS pop out window frame.  Some time had passed and I didn't think that the frame would be available...but I got in contact with the seller today and discovered that it was still for sale.  So I bought it.
I also found another Type 3 parts book.  The cover is dirty but the pages were clean and the dividers appear to be in good's getting close to time to sell off one of my other books (or at least some of the pages).

Still have the brakes to put back together before Nigel can come out for the summer but I feel like it's do-able and that I'll be able to drive him around a bit before he goes into storage for the winter.  I'm looking forward to driving the old guy around finally!

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