Sunday, June 7, 2015

A step in the right direction

 The small test batch from the new powder coater were picked up today.  Six steering arms, two sets of drum spindles and the three pieces of an early camber stop, the camber stop spring (not pictured) and the brackets for the disc brakes.
 A super early set of drum spindles (8mm bolts) and a 'regular' early set of drum spindles (10mm bolts).  The 10mm bolt spindles will be getting the disc brake brackets and find their way onto the car - hopefully right after I return from California.  This car being up on jack stands for so long is a bit nuts, especially since I bought it to drive while I finished Ferris.
The three 'rust red' pieces from the camber stop I bought used a couple of years ago.  I can finally put it back together and put it on a car!  The pieces turned out great-nice even coating and no drips or weird markings on them like the previous shop did (wrong).

Overall, I'm very happy with the results and I look forward to doing a little metal work and then dropping the parts off for a proper coating job.  Looks like I found the right place so it's time to start making progress.

 I negotiated with the seller of a hazard light kit that I plan to install on Nigel.  The knob is for a later model year but I think I can use this kit and simply swap the knob and escutcheon for the 66 model version on this switch.  If not, the knob isn't the end of the world.  I'd rather have functional (and easier to install) hazard lights.  I can get tangled up in the knob details later.
The instructions sheet for Type 3 is included.  Should make wiring it up super simple.

I have a Jokon kit for Ferris and a spare single pole switch if I decide to go that route on one of the cars.

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