Wednesday, June 17, 2015


After a few attempts at organizing the cabinets with the red bins I bought on eBay, I came to the conclusion that I'd need to buy more.  I didn't want to keep putting money into the cabinets with limited flexibility.  After some searching, I found myself buying a group of Vidmar bins on eBay after negotiations with the seller.  It went better than expected and I wound up with a hell of a deal.
I started grouping the parts by where they belong on the finished vehicle in an effort to comprehend what I've got and how many I've got.

This photo shows the 'front axle' parts in a drawer that's been cleaned up and organized.  There will be additional parts added to the drawer once I've gone through the others and organized properly.

I attempted to organize by part number but that didn't work because I'd have to buy another cabinet.  I realized that I needed a different method of organization so I approached organization by how I'd put the car back together.  Once the parts are organized in a way that makes sense, I'll label each drawer so that I can soothe my anal-retentive organization freak show side.

Some day, I'll get back to putting a car together...

In other news:  The whole family went out to California for a week.  I went to OCTO and the El Prado show and shine in lieu of the Classic.  I didn't find much in the way of little, in fact, that I didn't take any photos of the parts (4 pieces in total).  I also didn't take very many photos at the shows.  I spent my time conversing with fellow T3 owners at El Prado and, unfortunately, didn't have more time to hang out...seems like I leave a little bit too early each year and miss something.  Maybe next year, I can stick around longer.  There's always next year...maybe I'll have made some progress on Ferris or Nigel by that time.

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