Thursday, June 25, 2015

Disc brakes, part 3

I built up the driver's side spindle tonight on the bench.

I didn't get it installed but it's pretty well ready to go.  I'm still waiting for brake lines.  I thought I'd found them at CB Performance but a call to them revealed that their web description is incorrect and the hoses they describe (and that I wanted) are not available.

They referred me to Fast Fab but I haven't heard back from them yet.
The 5 washer special, all up close and personal.

Maybe in the West Coast this isn't a big deal...but each one of those washers is another spot for corrosion to start.
Check out that clearance on the brake rotor to the bracket!  Clearly, a flat bracket was much cheaper than designing/manufacturing a proper bracket with a set back.

If I wind up keeping the brakes long term, I'll get proper brackets made if I get around to restoring the car.
A close up shot of the clearance between the brake caliper and the wheel hub/rotor.

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