Sunday, June 19, 2016

"Holdin on to a scene but they're just memories"

Monthly update: No progress made.

I need to pull the fuel tank and check/adjust the steering box but I just haven't had time - spent every free moment working in the yard trying to wrap up that list of projects.  I think it's 95% done now so I should be able to get back to tweaking Nigel and then drive him around a bit.

Things to do:
  1. Pull fuel tank and check steering box for play
  2. Adjust rear brakes a bit, replace trim rings and hub caps
  3. Adjust shifter slightly
  4. Adjust the idle
  5. Test the tach to see if I fucked it up (long story)
Seems simple...but it'll probably take me another three months to do it and then I'll be complaining about having this car for 3 years and never driving it.  This Winter the car is going into storage so I can park the Volvo in the garage.

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