Thursday, March 16, 2017

Inbound parts is what's going on

 Made a few deals via Facebook groups over the last I couldn't pass up.

NOS Hella 3 bolt headlamps with city lights.  Negotiated a good price for fast payment.
 Good condition bumper guards with rubber bits.  The chrome bits will need to be rechromed but they're in good condition overall.  I prefer these to the full towel bar set up.  The really old school version is more preferred but they rarely come up for sale.

I was able to negotiate a good price for buying more than one item.
 Super nice original Gossen tach.  Not NOS but original and nowhere near as expensive as the NOS tach I bought a while back.

I may drop this one in the Variant and reserve the NOS unit for the restoration debut.
Side markers with NOS lenses.  The mounting screws are not stock but they should make stealing them a bit harder.  These are the early/correct housings - I'll sell off a set of my later stamped housings once these arrive and I can inspect them.  I'm, surprisingly enough, trying to get down to the parts that I need for the restoration - with a few spares of hard to find parts - then sell off everything else.

Since I sold my NOS red/white lenses last week - these will replace them.  I may sell the lenses since I prefer clear or yellow for turn indicators.  The red/white version is a parking light.

For the purpose of documenting stasis:  I went to the hose shop last Friday and waited for 20 minutes only to learn that they'd run out of the more standard fitting for the brakes.  They had to be ordered and I should be able to pick them up tomorrow...which is good because I've got a friend coming over on Sunday to work on the car.

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