Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Revisiting brakes

I took some time today and pulled out all of the rear brake lines, the master cylinder and headed off to the hose shop to see what's possible.  The original assessment of replacing the 3 sections didn't seem like it was going to work out as well as I'd originally thought.  I can, however, replace two sections with one so I consider that a win.

I'm intending on having these be the 'first run' hoses - replacing all of the rubber hoses with braided lines.
These are newly made hoses to replace the hose on the far left of the above photo made today at the local hose shop.  I am having a special hose made to eliminate the last two pieces of the equation made into one piece-eliminating an additional failure point in the system.
The front brake lines - with the adapter for the GM caliper.  They look a lot worse than they are - but I'm having stainless braided lines made that will use a finished end vs. using an adapter (one less failure point).  Should have those back by the end of the week.

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