Thursday, February 9, 2017

Making use of short slow periods

 My working from home situation is slowly finding a rhythm and I'm finding myself with odd periods of empty time that I used to kill in the office by having random conversations, getting coffee or spacing out.  Working from home allows me to do something slightly more productive.  I decided to start my 2017 goal of getting the parts identified and into an inventory tracking.
 I made it through four totes of parts yesterday - organized them into a general group, bagged and tagged each part with the part number and description on a tag.  Most of what I accomplished yesterday was small interior parts and electrical parts.

The next step will be to organize them by where they go on the car (all door parts together, for example) but that'll most likely happen once everything is tagged and logged.
I've found parts I completely forgot that I had...which is bound to happen when things get stuffed into a box and moved four states away.  I had parts in three or four different places in the old house.  My goal is to get them all into one place in the new house - when we find it.

I made decent progress yesterday and I'm hoping to get more done this week.  Once I have a larger block of time, I'll get back to the brakes.  Until then, I'll stay on this - one tote at a time - until it's done.

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