Monday, February 6, 2017

CSP rear brakes, part 1

Yesterday was the day to do it - but the weather here wasn't great and half of my stuff is still packed (moved from Chicago to Atlanta) because we're in a 'temporary house' until finding parts and tools was kind of a pain in the ass and slowed progress considerably.

The rear kit is, like the front kit, very easy to install.  All of the parts are labeled in a couple of exploded diagrams - showing both what is included in the kit and where it goes as you're doing the installation.  Again, like the front kit, the only thing (initially) not included is the lug nuts.  M14x1.5 R12 ball seat (for stock wheels) is what I used.

I'll start off by stating that, due to several factors, I have not yet finished the installation.

 The diagram (at left) shows a Type 1 rear swing axle which appears to be a very simple - bolt in installation...but the routing of the Type 3 brake line requires the line to navigate past the shock and then work its way to the caliper.  The brake line at the caliper must be 'soft' due to the movement of the caliper so one line doesn't work.
This is what I was able to crudely bend up by hand to get around the shock.  I'll probably leave it this way until I take the whole thing apart for a restoration.  I'm not a fan of the four pieces of brake line but it'll work for now.  It looks less complex than it really is but shouldn't be too bad using a tube bender.

Just for shits and grins, I used the original brake line and bent it up to see how it would work out (I have multiple new spares) but I'm not sure I'm a fan of this wide loop.

Wheel on - looking ready to go but I've got a decent amount of work to do before I can drive off...

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