Sunday, March 28, 2021

"I can always say, 'It's gonna be better tomorrow'"

 The group of grommets arrived - most of it is what I expected but I did receive two grommets that the parts book says I should be using and there's no way they'll fit where they're indicated in the parts book.  I measured before I ordered but ordered them anyway just so I could say I did so.

All of the mastic is cleaned off the front under fender area - I received the new mastic and once it warms up again, I'll be installing it and the wire harness into the dash.  That'll be where the fun starts - rewiring everything under the dash, including the new gauges and the tach...which reminds me - I have to pull that CHT wire through the car before it goes back together.

These grommets are very durable and do a great job of sealing against the wire harness.

The grommets were a real bitch to get installed but I'm making progress.  The plan is to work a little each day until it's done.  Then I'll move on to cleaning up the old seam sealer and fixing the subframe bolt thread disaster.

I might just fuck around and get something done in the coming weeks.

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