Saturday, July 24, 2021

It is getting back up that defines your character

Mixed bag today.

Found a spring for the thermostat flaps, cleaned and painted the actuator rod and got both of those installed.  Replaced the tin on the right side of the engine.  Things were going well at this point.
Then I removed the spark plug wires on the left side to get the CHT wire installed and found both spark plug ends broken off - there are no pieces anywhere so they were installed this way (they're also different colors).

More shitty engine builder corner cutting. 
The oil cooler was wet with oil - no soaking wet but would easily stain a shop towel with oil.  Not sure if this thing leaks or if it just got oil on it.  I don't trust it - so now I'm on the hunt for another one.
My rebuilt engine is in a different array of pieces because I cannot trust anyone to do the job properly.  No one can seem to replace broken parts or make sure shit works before it's put on an engine.  Just slap it together and hope for the best!

The one guy I thought I could trust has fucked up multiple things on one engine.


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