Monday, July 26, 2021

When the fight was over, nothing was solved, but nothing mattered.

Today was not a great day, productivity-wise.  Got a sick kid at home and 40 things to get done this week...hard to focus.

I did pull the oil cooler and found oil pooled up underneath and the mount area very wet with fresh oil.  I cleaned the oil cooler out and removed the black paint from the exterior.

I called several local radiator shops and none had any interest in pressure testing the oil cooler.  The engine builder came by after a text conversation and picked up the oil cooler to test it and/or replace it.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be more productive and the engine will go back together.  I would like to get it in the car so I can finish up the wiring and get the suspension set properly.

I spent the better part of an hour trying to get NOS front indicator housing seals on the car in an attempt to get something accomplished today.  In the end, I gave up because they'd shrunk so much that they would not go on the car.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to get the spring plate covers mounted on the car so I can install the other trailing arm and brake assembly on the right side.  Once that's done, I can circle back and figure out brake lines.

The end goal is to get the car on 4 tires...I may need to adjust my approach to get there.

This car is far more frustrating than fun.

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