Saturday, July 22, 2017

Clean up, pick up, put away...

I spent about an hour this morning organizing and cleaning up the remainder of the parts to make sure I have the parts I'm expecting to need for the assembly process.  I did a quick inventory of the parts that need to be ordered and put them on order - fulcrum plates, rubber bits, and a spare set of inner spacers (as insurance).

Things left to address: install the second air port for the carburetors (air intake), clean the engine bay, source a thermocouple plate and remote oil cooler, clean up the hardware that will be reused, etc.

As the days tick away, I'm getting more comfortable with the work that is ahead to put the car back together.  That first drive with a new engine and transmission is going to hopefully be pretty awesome.  Some days, it seems like I've got tons of time and others it feels like I'm not going to have enough time.

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