Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Even the inchworm makes progress

I had a couple of pockets of time today - I spent the majority of the largest pocket cleaning up the workbench and putting tools away.

I did have another look at the reinforcement plate - with the romantic notion that I might heat this thing up and straighten it out so it could be used again...but then I flipped it on the edge and the reality of the situation became apparent.
 I neither have the skills nor the ability to straighten this thing out - and the time I would spend doing it would not be 'time well spent'.  So I reached out to a few people and I think I've found a suitable replacement.  Fortunately, time is still on my side as far as preparation is concerned.

The plan is to get a replacement and tweak the floor mounts into shape for now so that I can get it all back together and drive it for the late Summer/Fall.  Truth be told - I haven't missed many driving opportunities lately because it's rained so much here over the last several weeks.
Another thing I did today was remove the rear transmission mount - one of the washers was in three pieces and the bolts have definitely seen better days.

I have a new Brazilian manufactured rear mount that I'll add to the powder coat pile for this rebuild.

Slowly but surely, I'm getting ready to drop parts off for powder coating.

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