Friday, July 7, 2017

New parts are always exciting!

The replacement parts have started trickling in, one package at a time...

First to arrive are the new rear spring plate hardware pieces.
I've also ordered new hardware for the transmission mount at the rear and will potentially order up new shock bolts as well.
 Replacement rotors for the rear disc brakes - bought them on sale for what I thought was a decent price.  I've got tons of time to rebuild the hubs so I figured it'd be nice to have non-fucked up rotors.  I'll either keep the jacked up pair and have them surfaced or sell them to someone else who might want them.
 VEWIB axle boot seals for the new transmission/axles.  I got the split boots because I don't think I'm going to pull the axle tubes completely apart this go around.
Also got these rear wheel bearings with a split clip around the outer edge.  Not sure what that's about but I'm pretty sure I'm going to send them back.  I've already ordered replacements from another source.

Tomorrow is the day I pull the axles apart on the original transmission...which I'm hoping to trade for a rear subframe (if it's better than mine).  Once that's all worked out and I receive the reinforcement plate - it all goes off for powder coat.

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