Sunday, December 10, 2017

6" of snow in Atlanta

We got 6-7" of snow Friday into Saturday and they closed the little dude's school on Monday due to power outages (not here, fortunately) and potentially slick roads.  So, we are going to go do what we can tomorrow to stay entertained.  None of that will involve working on the Volkswagen and I've scrapped my plans to take the car to the shop until after the holidays.

And, given that the garage is not heated, I have pretty much avoided it the last week.  I don't have the new felt pieces yet and, short of selling parts, haven't wanted to do anything with the car.  I've sold off a few thousand in parts so far and I may go a little further.

Short of posting up some parts that I might buy in the coming weeks it'll be pretty quiet for a bit.

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