Friday, December 1, 2017


Once the engine is running more consistently I'm going to get this exhaust thing worked out.  It's too close to the left bumper guard - which is now turning black.  It's adjusted to the right as far as I can get it and it's still off by at least an inch.  I'd like to lengthen the pipe by about 4 inches to get to the edge of the rear bumper.

I spent about an hour today trying to figure out the source of the groaning in the rear end.  I was able to get it narrowed down to originating from the right rear.  And I figured out that it might be related to the axle nut - after checking every other nut/bolt on the rear end, I pulled the cotter pin and tightened the axle nut to 250 lb/ft on the torque wrench.  After installing a new cotter pin, I took it out for a one mile test drive where I did some 'granny donuts' in the parking lot for the pool.  All quiet except for one very faint groan upon exiting the parking lot.  I may pull the left side cotter pin and crank that one down as well to make sure it's tight and eliminate it as the source of the sound.

I also called the local aircooled VW shop (it's 45 minutes away) and made an appointment to have them check out the jetting and carburetor settings since I can't quite get it figured out.  I'm going to drive the car over on Tuesday and hope to pick it up on Wednesday.  EDIT: Actually, I'm not going to do that since it's supposed to rain both Tuesday and Wednesday. Fuck.  Perhaps I can do it the following...yeah, no - already too much shit going on that week.  Huh, I might wind up with those vent felt pieces before this carb thing gets worked out.

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