Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A couple of new parts but not much else

Speaking of purchases - here are a few things that arrived today:

311 953 173 - seal for turn indicator housing

I'm currently rocking the super early 2 piece seals on my car.  The timing is good to receive these as mine are pretty much gone.  I'll keep two and install two.
In addition to the above, I found the early version of the shift coupler cover plate.

(L) 311 705 445 - Cover, shift coupler
(R) 311 705 445 A - Cover, shift coupler
The nice part about the early version (if I'm lucky it'll fit) is that it's missing the rear part that's bent 'up' - the part that makes it a giant pain in the ass to install.
 A little easier to see the differences on the back of the two.
Notice the 'lip' is missing on the earlier one (left).  I am convinced that the super early cover will only work with the early coupler (round version) vs. the later 'cage' style.  I could try it if I find myself pulling the cover plate again.

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