Wednesday, January 10, 2018


After a lengthy battery charging session, I started the car, drove it to the street - turned around and came back to park the car in the other garage.  Runs rich as hell but I have no interest in working on it right now.  At least now it's not in the way in the garage.

The window frame from Germany is due on Friday - the window frame from France was returned to the sender in France after the USPS claims to have attempted delivery three times.  One of those days I was home all day, the other two the mail was on a vacation hold.  No notes to indicate that they 'attempted' delivery and none of the tracking worked on the USPS website.  I found out after tracking it on the French postal site.  I'd bet good money that a band of 9 year old kids could accidentally do a better job of delivering packages in this one here gives a shit.  I'll wind up paying 60€ to have it shipped again via FedEx.  I bet the one from France shows up before the one from Germany - simply because the one from Germany is being delivered by the same group of idiots who sent the French package back.

A little digging/reading solved the 'when' question about the change to the doors.  I thought they'd ended with the 1964 model year but it appears that they changed about 4 months into the 1965 model year - and then, a month later, the clips were added to the door seals.  A car built in November of 1964 would have one month only doors.

The small felt pieces from Wolfsburg West are not yet available - in spite of being told twice that the 'in stock' date would be before the end of 2017.  The parts are coming from a German supplier which means they'll be 2-3 weeks later than communicated and the customer will be wrong for asking why the parts are late.  At this point, I'm more curious about part quality than convinced that these parts will work and are holding up my door build.  Honestly, I wish I'd just left the damn doors alone!

I sold an early set of heat exchangers so I'm now down to three NOS pieces.  I'm on the fence about selling off the rest of them since there's a VERY slim chance that I'll ever use them.  I've actually pondered throwing in the towel and getting out of the hobby entirely.  The only thing keeping me from doing that, honestly, is that I don't want to have to pack and ship all of this shit once it's sold.

The official job hunt is on so the car's just going to sit for a while anyway...maybe I'll come to my senses and 'do the right thing'.  Whatever that is...

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