Thursday, May 15, 2014

Everything we do is dictated by motive

 I received the original ignition column from the 64 S today.  I traded it for the YOM California license plates.  I don't need the license plates but I did want the column.  I was hoping that I could repair the switch and put the original column back into the car.

The SWF arm is in great shape and the cancellation action is smooth.
 The column is in pretty good shape overall.  The connection plate is original and in nice condition.  No hacked wires.
 The back of the ignition switch is in perfect condition.  Bakelite is unbroken and in great shape.

After inserting the key and moving the column around a bit, it appears that the internal mechanisms of the switch have self-destructed.  There's a lot of loose crap rattling around inside and it makes me wonder if there's anything to fix.  I'll pull it from the column and send it off to see what the diagnosis is for the switch.
I did, however, find one melted wire, so the arm will need some minor surgery to replace the burned wire...and given that it's part of the harness, I'll also have to replace the wire sleeve as well.

In the end, I think this column is in rather nice shape and it shouldn't take a lot or cost a lot to get it into clean, functional condition again.

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