Monday, September 8, 2014

Ambitious containment

The roof rack has been put to use...although not quite in the way I expected.

I am at a fork in the road with regard to progress on the car so I decided to 'detach' and start pitching old parts that I'm not going to use.  Ever.

Banished from existence are 9 pairs of heater bellows (under the seat), 2 sets of heat exchangers with various amounts of damage, 2 back seat frames/seat springs and a 5 gallon bucket of random shit that's so rusty that it should have been tuna cans long ago.   I hate realizing that piles and piles of stuff that I've held on to for so long isn't really usable.

There are a few more random items that have to go but I managed to get a lot out of the garage.  Putting the second engine together is going to free up quite a bit of space so I'm now aiming in that direction.
The starter, hard start relay and ground strap are installed.  I'm going to spend some time working out what has turned into quite the challenging wiring change before I do anything on the car.  It's got the original wiring harness and 99% of it is unmolested-I'd like to keep it that way-so I have to dig into how to best accomplish what I want.  I bought a 9 pin flasher relay but I may not wind up using it given that I'll just have to make changes if I use LEDs in the signals.  I'm exploring the option of using a few electronic flashers but that's going to require an extensively detailed wiring diagram that I've only just begun to piece together.

I have some wiring to figure out on Nigel before I go much further forward so I'm taking a break.  My certification course, in week one, is quite intense.  I have over 200 pages of material to read, absorb and test out on by Wednesday before I can proceed to the next week's work.  It's only 8 weeks long and I'll be focused on that until the course and testing are complete.

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