Monday, September 22, 2014

You are the ocean and I'm good at drowning

I spent some time in the garage yesterday in an effort to accomplish...something.  Since I tend to be overly ambitious when I plan out my 'list', I decided to not plan anything and just go with it.  I got the generator, NOS chokes, turn signal relay and headlight relays installed and then I did some light cleaning before stopping a couple of hours later.

Haven't touched the brakes.

I figured out, later, that I didn't quite install the wiper shaft seals correctly so I'm going to have to go back and do that part over-good thing I didn't put the glove box, vent controls, etc. back in the dash.  I want to make sure everything works before I install the rest of it.

I bought some Gates Barricade fuel hose and have to install that, buy a battery, and figure out the brake situation before I can drive the car.  I'm getting close-one tiny task at a time.

So now, the updated list:

Tail light bulbs
License plate bulb
Hatch cargo light bulb
Generator, strap and seal
12 volt outer fan shroud
Starter with 6 volt teeth
Voltage regulator
67 only 12volt wiper motor
Electronic signal flasher
Headlight relay
Dash bulbs
Sidemarker bulbs
Headlight bulbs
Turn indicator bulbs

In theory, I'm a battery and a brake bleed away from driving the car again.  I should be more excited than I am about the relative 'closeness' of being able to drive the car...but I'm just...not.

Then there's the issue of Ferris...

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