Monday, September 1, 2014

Make a plan...then welcome distraction.

I spent two and a half hours in the garage today-working on the 12 volt conversion process.  All of the bulbs are swapped, the old wiper assembly is out and the new one is almost ready to go back in - I discovered some broken pieces upon removal and these will halt the assembly process until I get them replaced.  The wiper motor assembly came out fairly easily once I removed the ashtray, glove box, heat control sliders and drain hose cover.  I pulled the original 6 volt horn and it turned out to be rather clean on the inside face.  Once I get it all pulled, I'll post up ads for the parts...I've got quite the array of bulbs as well.

While the dash is apart, I'm going to replace the flasher unit with 4 way flashers so that part is now on order.  It should show up at the end of the week.

I pulled the brake pedal rod to adjust it but didn't get it back in as I stuffed the boot and have to pull it back into shape.  I couldn't find anything to use so I just stopped before I did any damage.

I have to pull the muffler to get the shroud replaced-which will then allow me to install the generator and close up the engine bay work.

I bought a small piece of flat steel to mount the solid state voltage regulator a little further from the side wall of the car.  The two main power supply wires are within 1/8" of the side wall of the car and I didn't feel comfortable with that small gap.  As long as the connections are solid and I get a good ground everything should be fine.

The front brake reservoir project has found new life-I bought a test piece of 6mm supply line at AutoZone which I will use to practice the ultimate bend route for the reservoir to master cylinder and reduce the hose required.  I may have figured out a way to eliminate the adapter but I'll have to put that theory to the test prior to getting too excited about it.

The starter is next on the list for replacement.  I thought I'd have time to get to that today but with the brake pedal rod distraction, I lost the time to get to the starter.

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