Monday, September 1, 2014

"Everything you do shows your hand. Everything is a self-portrait. "

Spent another two hours working on the car tonight.  Pulled the exhaust, the intake bellows, the outer shroud and replaced it with a 12 volt version.  Replaced the intake bellows and the exhaust.  The generator I was going to use is not functional so I ordered another one and it should be here Friday or Saturday.  The only thing that's really left after that is the starter replacement and that shouldn't take long to swap.  I'm now looking at the optimal size battery for the space and looking at the Optima line.  Looks like I want a group 41/42 size battery which isn't easy to find.

I found the wiper parts and, oddly enough, have the one part that kept me from installing the replacement pieces so I can get back on that at some point.  I'm looking to have this car at least running on 12 volt by the weekend if all of my orders arrive as expected.  It's a real pain in the ass working on a car when nearly every part that I don't have requires an order to ship to me vs. having a place to go pick it up.  Slows things down quite a bit.

I adjusted the brake pedal lever and got the pedal within spec (1-2mm of play) but the brakes are still super weak.  That's about all I did with the brakes today.  I'm still contemplating my next move.  Something is out of whack but I don't want to make it worse.  I had a chat with a guy at AutoZone and he suggested bleeding the brakes at the lines on the master cylinder to make sure there are no issues with the master cylinder...might be worth a try while the gas tank is still on the garage floor.

I'm starting a certification course this week-it's going to limit my garage time quite a bit over the next two months...but somehow, I've got to get the car running and out of the garage and into storage before it starts snowing.  That's the new goal.  Get it fully functional so that I can send it off to storage for 6 months.

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