Sunday, May 1, 2016

Teach a man to fish...

I bought a pop out rubber kit from ISP West.  I pulled the right side pop out off of the car to assess the situation.  They're pretty well toast.  I have a pair that has decent seals in the event I cannot get a frame pair apart without a ton of effort.  I'm probably going to wind up replacing the window seals soon-ish and then, potentially, again, when the car is fully restored - depending on the condition of the seals when I get to the car.  I'm hoping to start this car in 2-3 years.
 Adjusted 6 spare linkage rods plus the two already in the car - so much easier when you have the right tools!
On top is the connecting rod as it was on the car and the bottom one is adjusted to the proper spec using VW 691 tools loaned to me by Jack.

The car idles better, it idles lower and, although it's running a bit rich, it's running smoother.  I'll get to the running rich part very soon.  Great progress for a rainy day.
I pulled the Koln column apart to send a couple of pieces to Jack - who was kind enough to loan me the tools to adjust my carburetor rods.

I noticed that the back of this ignition switch is black vs. the more common brown.  I looked closer and noticed the Koln logo (circle K).  The wires will need to be replaced because they're kinked but the switch is in great shape.

The contact plate has been cleaned, screws are contained and bagged, the column head is completely stripped down.  Next up is paint removal and preparation.  I also need to remove the high beam button from the NOS turn indicator I bought because the wires are damaged.  I'll have to replace the wires with OE style wire, paint the lever and reassemble it.  It'll be nice to get one of these back together!

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